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The selection process is started by completing an on-line Preliminary Background Application (PBA) and Job Preview Questionnaire (JPQ). The Personal Qualifications Essay is administered at the written test sites. Written test sessions are offered five times each week, at five different locations throughout the City, as well as at frequent special testing events throughout the year. You do not need to call in advance to schedule testing. Just show up! No application is required, but you must bring your PBA and JPQ results with you to the test.

If you have any questions regarding LAPD police officer recruiting, or taking the test, you can call or e-mail an LAPD recruitment at 866-444-LAPD (866-444-5273) or

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An LAPD Officer is always ready to work. An LAPD Officer is always ready to make an impact. An LAPD Officer is the complete package. Come look further to see if you can put it together too.

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Police Officer Recruitment Application Process

Being a Police Officer is a job with a tremendous amount of responsibility. Therefore the City of Los Angeles takes the selection process very seriously. You will go through eight separate steps in the application process. Your background will be thoroughly investigated. You will need to be in good physical shape.

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Prepare for the LAPD Recruitment Tests

An in-depth explanation of each of the eight steps in the selection process and what you can do to prepare yourself for the testing process.

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Academy Training

A career with the LAPD starts at the world-famous LAPD training academy. Recruits spend six months, with full salary, in one of the best training regimens in the country. They study law, community relations, Spanish, and tactics in the classroom, as well as driving, firearms training and physical training. The classes are rigorous, challenging and rewarding. The Academy turns recruits into Officers.

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Testing Locations

The written test is offered several times a week in Los Angeles in various locations. The test is free and you do not need to sign up in advance. Click here to find a list of testing locations in your area.

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