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Being a part of the LAPD is like having a front row seat on life! You are always right in the middle of everything. Taking action in such a proactive manner is empowering and rewarding.

I wanted to be a police officer growing up. Seeing my dad in his Navy uniform drove me to reach my goal of become a part of the LAPD. Now, serving on a team, I am one of the good guys. I am constantly fighting for good people and I am able to do something about what is wrong with the world. Everyday is exciting.

There is only one LAPD. It's to policing what Coke is to soda, Crest is to toothpaste, or Harvard is to college. The LAPD is a brand name that represents tradition, excellence and some would say, it is the best police department in the world.

To Protect and To Serve as a Team. The LAPD is a team I'm proud to be a part of.

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