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When I was fifteen I saw a special on police officers. It specifically focused on a female officer, and from that point forward I knew what I would do with my life. There is no doubt that my job is tough. It takes a lot of work. Officers are human too! But, knowing that you are out there everyday, making a difference in people's lives, is the most rewarding aspect.

I can see trouble coming a mile away. That's because my training and development as a Police Officer has allowed me to become completely in tune with my surroundings. LAPD is a great place to work because it offers so many different opportunities for all police officers; men and women.

I am a woman with many different interests. I am a mother, I am a fitness model and I am a personal trainer. I've incorporated my own life into my job because I feel it's important to have all of these aspects really tell who I am.

To Protect and To Serve As A Woman. I am an individual, but I am also part of a team. I am proud to bring diversity and my unique experiences to a great department.

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