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Growing up, I was always around role models in politics, law enforcement and leaders of the community. I knew I wanted to become one of these figures. And everyday it's clear to me why I wanted to become part of this department.

I knew I wanted a profession where I could help people, have tons of flexibility to prevent boredom, and have a great sense of accomplishment. I make a difference in people's lives everyday. And each time I am able to help a child, consoling them in times of distress, I am proud that I become a positive role model for them.

I meet so many people on the job and hearing their stories inspires me. As a Police Officer, I'm able to provide a nice life for my family and help keep the community safe.

To Protect and To Serve My Community. My home and my community are safer because of the hard work I do each day. I am proud to be a positive contributor to this environment.

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