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Ever since my early childhood I've wanted to be a police officer. I joined the Police Explorer Program at the age of 14 and learned from many great role models; this experience made me realize that I was someone who could use my skills and abilities to serve my community. Now as a Sergeant in the LAPD, I have sharpened those skills that intrinsically existed within, and I am out there working day to day in the midst of the best, the worst and the most exciting.

I have a desire to serve others and make my community safe. Every day police officers encounter danger and we have to use our training to handle complicated situations. Whether it's a foot chase, a car pursuit or a critical crime scene, I am always prepared to take the lead working to resolve the problem while setting an example for my fellow police officers and peers in the community. Over the years I've conditioned my mind and body to deal with stress; by honing my reaction skills, I'm always prepared to handle the daily surprises that are part of my job.

Our job is challenging, dangerous and demanding, yet at the end of the day it's rewarding. As a member of the LAPD I can contribute to society while enhancing my life and making my family proud. This is a truly admirable profession and it gives me tremendous pride to say I am a Sergeant of the LAPD. Being a part of an evolving Department that is filled with tradition, dignity, reputation and good people is nothing less than honorable!

To Protect and To Serve: By Being Who I Am. Police officers are human too, and we're all just trying to be the best role models we can be. Our Department supports and strives for diversity and provides an environment that is fair, pleasant, and structured. The Department also teaches employees to value the differences that each officer brings to the Department, allowing us to make our own lifestyle choices, and still be a part of the team.

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