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Officer Gourdine

Meet A Mentor: Officer Gourdine

Originally from the Los Angeles area, Officer Gourdine has spent over 18 years on the force. Some of his experiences have included patrol time in the Harbor Division, narcotic and vice detail, detective work focusing on auto-detail, CRASH - gang detail, and the kids and cops program. One of his favorite assignments was serving a search warrant, from a helicopter, on stolen cars that were in somebody's backyard. He says his time in the Harbor Division was great because of the weather and the area is really nice in general. He recommends that candidates should go on a ride-along to see what the job is really like. For candidates that think this job is too dangerous, he says that radio and report writing are 80% of the work. He feels that he deeply connects to candidates going through the process and wants them to succeed, considering himself a "candidate advocate." Even though he never shot a gun before the academy, he says he breezed through it since he was right out of college and used to running long distances. He was a big fan of the movie "42" - about Jackie Robinson, loves landscaping (his side business) and his favorite food is soul-food.

Officer Gourdine can be reached at 213.473.3495 or via email at

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