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Officer Howell

Meet A Mentor: Officer Howell

Originally from the Los Angeles area, Officer Howell has spent over 23 years on the force. Some of her experiences have included patrol time in Wilshire (where she grew up), vice detail, and the D.A.R.E. program. She says patrol was great because she had a wonderful partner and was able to use the relationships she had built up in the community. When she joined she was actually a licensed cosmetologist, but after watching the tv series 21 Jump Street, she knew she wanted to be a cop. Initially, her family was against it, but in the end her family supported her and was extremely proud when she got hired. She says the Candidate Assistance Program really helped her through the process because she needed to lose weight and it really helped her get in shape. Dealing with a lot of candidates that get held up in the medical portion of the screening process, she sends candidates to a nutritionist and has seen some candidates lose over 35 pounds! She really gets excited for candidates who take control of their issues and persevere. Some of her likes include shopping (she's an avid coupon clipper), pizza (she loves Victor Jr's in Culver City), Tyler Perry movies, and Redondo Beach. Her toughest call on patrol was restraining a 4'11" 90lb Olympic gymnast.

Officer Howell can be reached at 213.473.3486 or via email at

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