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Officer Miller

Meet A Mentor: Officer Miller

Originally from South Los Angeles, Officer Miller came to the LAPD after spending 6 years with the airport police, and has now been on the force for over 16 years. Some of his experiences have included patrol time in West LA and the Southwest division, mentoring at-risk youth in the Jeopardy program, and playing on the LAPD basketball team. He holds a Criminal Justice degree, since he knew in college that he wanted to be a part of law enforcement. He enjoys watching both UCLA basketball and USC football. He's also a big fan of Mexican food and Batman (he really enjoyed the Dark Knight). He says perseverance and compassion is key in all areas of law enforcement. Officer Miller really believes in mentoring our youth and even mentors young basketball players in his spare time. While playing Forward/Center for the LAPD basketball team, he has competed against other police teams in many different countries and experienced many different cultures. He really enjoys the positive impact he can have on others through his work at the police department.

Officer Miller can be reached at 213.473.0146 or via email at

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