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Officer Mulligan

Meet A Mentor: Officer Mulligan

Not originally from California, Officer Mulligan has spent over 23 years on the force. Some of her experiences have included patrol time in the valley, the Jeopardy program (at-risk youth), the Abused Child Unit, and the Investigative Control Unit. When she was 17 she knew she wanted to be an officer, but she spent time working in the banking industry and didn't join until she was 29. Recruited by Daryl Strawberry's brother (Michael Strawberry) at a jazz club, she has met a couple of celebrities on the job, including Denzel Washington, Laurence Fishbourne, and Sinbad. She has enjoyed being an advocate for children through her position and taking her kids in the Jeopardy program to movie screenings at the Rose Bowl. Some of her favorite foods include Mexican (black beans specifically), any vegetable, and wheat pasta. She loves being active (running, cross-fit, turbo-kick) and does all the exercises she tells candidates to do. Her favorite tv shows are Scandal and Grey's Anatomy and she loves being a part of LAPD because Los Angeles is so diverse. She's the "mama bear" of all female candidates and believes "you can make this job whatever you want it to be!"

Officer Mulligan be reached at 213.473.3493 or via email at

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